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This week, we take you Heritage Posters and Music for a session by Calgary’s The Northwest Passage. The songs you’ll hear will appear on the band’s debut album, A_Wake set for release in summer 2016.

The chamber pop band is lead by Paul Van Kampen, known for his work in Calgary bands The Magnetic North, SAvK, and Beija Flor.

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This week on the TransCanada Music West podcast, we bring you the songs and southern drawl of outlaw country tunesmith, Ben Rogers.

Recently, the Vancouver singer-songwriter performed a show at Calgary’s Block Heater festival in support of his record The Bloodred Yonder. The sophomore album was released this past summer, and features a collection of story songs about murder, love, and tragedy.

Rogers admits a certain fascination with the darker side of existence. He describes the record as focusing on “the transition from life to death, good to evil, paradise to perdition, and all the lost souls you meet in between”.
The album was produced by Ben’s brother, Matt Rogers (The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer). In fact, you’ll hear the brothers performing together in this concert)/

Captured at Festival Hall in Calgary during Block Heater, featuring Erik Neilsen on bass, John Sponarski on pedal steel, Matt Rogers on guitar, and Leon Powers on Drums, this is Ben Rogers, leading the band on guitar, harmonica and vocals.

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This week’s featured act on TransCanada Music West (8pm MT Friday) is Jom Comyn, in concert in CKUA’s Performance Space. If there were a soundtrack to those cold, dark Canadian winters, it would sound something like Jom Comyn’s latest full length record In The Dark on 99, All The Time, All Time Time. That record made our list of the Top 40 most played releases in 2014 on these airwaves. Last year, Jom followed that critically-acclaimed record up with a new EP The Black Pits.

Both under his given name of Jim Cuming, and as Jom Comyn. Jim has released a slough of albums ranging from traditional folk to experimental psychedelia. He always has an incredible touch with melody, and a penchant for affecting lyrics.

This week’s set features Tom Murray on bass, Andy Mulcair on drums, Jessica Jalbert on guitar, and Jim Cuming, aka Jom Comyn himself on vocals and guitar.

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This week on the podcast, we showcase the golden voice of Vancouver’s own Colleen Rennison. Colleen is a performer in many regards. You might know her as the front-woman of blues-rock band No Sinner. You may have heard her debut solo album See The Sky About to Rain. Or maybe you've seen the Gemini award-winning actress on screen.

For the young singer-songwriter, music and film have always gone hand in hand. It was actually the movie My Girl (and the titular song) that affirmed her desire to pursue music.

Captured live at Festival Hall in Calgary during Block Heater, backed by Tyson McElroy on guitar, enjoy this mini-podcast of some brand-new songs from Colleen Rennison.

Set list:

Castle of Memories
Break-up Drink
Everybody's Got the Blues

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This week, take up shop at Calgary’s Heritage Posters and Music for a live session by 2016 JUNO Award-nominated outfit, AM Static. The group, fronted by Chris Austman and Nils Mikkelsen recently scored a nod for Electronic Album of the Year for their latest release, A Life Well Lived. That record landed at #12 on our list of the Top 100 Most Played Albums of 2015 on CKUA.

In this feature session, you’ll get a taste of why our DJs loved that record so much. Plus, you’ll hear four brand-new, unreleased tracks from AM Static, and one really great story about Chris Austman’s work blocking scenes for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

Set list:
Electrovision Intro
Break Out
Culture Suite/Oh Delilah
Broken Toys
Rolling Clouds
Already Gone
Start, Select

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